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how to represent the seeker in a tarot reading

When you see people asking for pictures of the querent (also called inquirer or seeker) for tarot readings, they may be trying to determine which card to use as a significator card in the reading. But what is a significator card?

A significator card is the card that represents the querent in the reading. This helps some of us tune into the energies of that person and focus in on them.

Some people swear by using a significator card. Others choose not to for many reasons, but some are they don’t need one to tap into the energies, or they don’t want to lose out on having that card available in the reading.  One tip that I like to do is use a separate deck for my significator card than the deck that I read with so I don’t lose out on not having the card available for the reading.

You don’t actually ‘read’ the significator card, but it represents the person that you are reading for and sits on top of the reading or under the first card in a reading.

For example, in most Celtic Cross layouts they tell you to lay the first card on top of the significator card and this is the beginning of the reading.

So how do you choose the significator card?

There are a few different choices. You can choose from using the astrological sun sign, by complexion, or by gender. Or you can use the simple method. In my general readings, on the blog I typically use the Fool because the energy can be anything, it doesn’t fully have a direction yet.

The Simple Method: 

A final method would be the simplest one to use and that is to use The Magician for a male and The High Priestess for a female.

For all other methods, we need to first determine the Court Card that will be used to represent the age of the querent.

Page: Child or young female
Knight: Young male 18-30
Queen: Woman 18+
King: Male 30+

Once you have determined their age, you can then either choose the suit by the sun sign, or the complexion of the person.

Based upon their astrological sun sign:

Cups: Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Wands: Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Swords: Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Pentacles: Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

By the complexion or their appearance is also viable:

Cups: blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin
Wands: Red hair, fiery complexion, blue or green eyes
Swords: Grey or light-colored hair, blue or green eyes, light complexion
Pentacles: Dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing a significator card:

Not everyone fits nicely into one category. Sometimes gender roles have to be reversed or completely omitted.

This can also be dependent on how the seeker acts. An older male who acts like a young, immature male may be better fitted by a Knight or a Page instead of a King.

A Court Card may not be the best fit. Ultimately, you can choose whichever card you feel best represents the seeker. If the person is a workaholic, then the Eight of Pentacles may be a good fit, if a pregnant female then maybe the Empress. Do not fear using any card that you feel drawn to because it does not fit into the categories above.

I hope this has helped you decide whether or not to use a significator card or not.

using a significator card in a tarot reading


Cards Pulled: The Moon, The King of Swords Reversed, The Hierophant Reversed

tarot reading with the cat tarot deck

You are attempting to create your own path but you are having anxiety over what other people are saying. This is leading to a loss of self control and motivation to keep going on your chosen path. The people who are commenting on your path are just jealous and making noise and drama because it is more exciting than the path they have chosen for themselves. Although it is causing you a bit of a slow down, it doesn't have to last. You will be able to follow your wishes and dreams on your own path even with them squawking at you.

The Reversed King says there will be some loss of self control, but I feel it will only be short lived. A temporary set back until you are on your chosen path again. Don't let them influence you too much, otherwise you may end up walking the path they choose and not the one you want.

And as a side note.. aren't this kitties just the cutest???



This week it looks like we have a lot of reversed cards, which means the energy is blocked or distorted in some way from the original meaning of the card. This does not mean that the entire meaning is negative, it just gives the card a slightly different meaning. This week all but 2 of the cards were reversed, which tells me that there is some blocked energy regarding the situations of the entire week. The good news is that the bigger energies of the week (The Hermit and The World) were not reversed. Keep reading to see how each of these cards will affect your week.

For each of the 7 days this week, a card was pulled with the below theme in mind. As we go through the week, keep this theme in mind. Please bear in mind, that this reading was not completed with the current events in mind, but I realized as the reading went on, it was more and more related to the current COVID-19 concerns.

Theme: 4 of Coins Reversed

The 4 of Coins tells us that we need to work on our ability to release fears about money loss and loss of health. We are holding on so tightly to that which we have, that we are unable to realize how this is negatively affecting other parts of our life.

Monday: 10 of Coins Reversed

You are keeping your family locked up behind closed doors and off limits to the rest of the world. People are able to see you, but they are not able to approach you. In respect to the theme, our inability to see past the fears prevents us from being open with others. This may prevent us from being social with others who are outside of our immediate family, or those who live in our home.

Tuesday: King of Cups Reversed

Today we work off of yesterday's reading, in that when we are keeping ourselves and our families behind closed doors, we are being selfish with our time and ourselves. We are so caught up in our fear, that we are preventing others from doing things that make them happy. In essence, it is creating a selfish mentality. One which only enforces the fear of losing health and/or money.

Wednesday: The Hermit

The Hermit is about an inner spiritual journey which is completed alone. This solitude is what allows us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and truly get to know ourselves. With this showing up in the middle of the week, I feel that we have closed ourselves off to the world so much that we find ourselves deep in thought. This thought may be provoked or not. The lack of social interaction that is normal is finally catching up to you. It's a good time to really think about what is causing your fears and how rational your fears truly are.

Thursday: Ace of Swords Reversed

You feel that you are in over your head. The power and strength that you felt you had, feel as if they're diminishing. We typically feel this way by the end of the week. Starting to feel drained, looking forward to Friday.. that type of mentality. But this mentality may be due to the thoughts that you have been holding onto so tightly. Your worries and fears have stressed you out so much that you just feel drained. Take some time for a bit of mid-week self care to get you through the rest of the week.

Friday: 9 of Swords Reversed

You feel bound by the thoughts of those around you. You are concerned that things are getting out of hand, but at the same time, you feel concern that if you downplay your concerns, that you will be blindsided. You are stuck between these two feelings. In that, the fear regarding your health and finances are causing you to make decisions that you're not very proud of. Think before you act today to prevent making some bad choices that will leave you feeling stuck in those situations.

Saturday: Ace of Rods Reversed

The weekend is upon us and you are feeling that the energies about are being corrupted. Whether it's in the information that you hear or the conversations that you are having with other people.  Everyone has their own thoughts on releasing fears of money and health, but they're all different and they all seem to have some sort of veil, which makes them seem more OMG than they need to be.

Sunday: The World

What a nice card to end the week on, or start the week if you're a Sunday starter. By the end of the week, we have all had a rough week. Releasing our fears over our body and our bank account has been tough work, but The World tells us that we will be able to overcome the fears that we have. Things will start to come full circle and you will see the benefits of the hard work that you have put in this week. Also, it is time not only to finish up this week, but to start fresh with another week ahead. What will the next week hold? How else could we strive to better ourselves?

As I mentioned above, I realized as this reading was being completed, that the recent events with COVID-19 seem to fit very nicely into this reading. It was not the intention of the reading, but please ensure that you are keeping yourself and your loved ones clean and healthy.

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Happy Friday the 13th! I know it's not really a holiday that you celebrate, but I want to send you good vibes today, especially to those of you who feel that Friday the 13th is unlucky. No one really has any reason why the superstition is here, even throughout history, historians have not been able to definitively link Fridays and the number 13 to bad things. They just kind of.. came to be.

So don't start thinking that it's an unlucky day. It's a day just like any other day, where the good or bad is determined by you and the thoughts you have and the choices you make.

Now for your reading... As always, take what resonates and leave what doesn't.

The Cards pulled were the Ace of Swords Reversed, Queen of Cups, and The Magician Reversed... I can't really say they were pulled because honestly, they truly lept out of my hands and landed this way on the floor by my feet. I took that as a sign that these were the messages that people needed to know about..

There are some thoughts and mental patterns that you are not addressing, because it makes you feel like you are in control of you emotions and feelings. But in reality, you are only repressing the thoughts and preventing yourself from dealing with the issue. This is in turn, preventing you from manifesting the image of yourself that you are trying to create.

The Ace of Swords is all about those new thoughts and ideas. New ways of thinking, and communicating with people. But when it is reversed, something is blocking those thoughts from coming to you. This is likely other thoughts or thought patterns that are negative and are affecting your mental health and the way that you view society. They seem to be very influential. But by not addressing these thoughts, or blocking/repressing them, you gain the feeling that you are in control. That you can control you emotions, not the other way around. This is a very masculine way of thinking. (Masculine is more aggressive and controlling, not always in a negative way and not always of the male sex and feminine is more nurturing and caring, not always of the female sex either. We all have masculine and feminine qualities in us in different ratios that are unique to each of us. No one person is only masculine or only feminine qualities.) You want to be more caring and nurturing, but you find yourself repressing thoughts and viewpoints, which ultimately prevents you from creating yourself in the image that you wish to portray to the world.

Everything that you have ever needed is inside of you, but you have chosen to only see parts of it and put on the mask that you wish for others to see, while inside you struggle to truly embody the mask you wear.

It's time to deal with repressed thoughts and feelings, to truly be able to embrace the image of yourself that you have in your mind.

I hope that these readings can help people who need to hear this and if you need help dealing with your emotions, seek out support from those around you or a professional.

I do readings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so come back to get caught up on what the cards have to say.

If you missed it, check out the March 2020 reading to see the guidance for the month.


How to read a reversed tarot card

Reversed tarot cards can make learning tarot even more intimidating. When you start out on your journey to learn tarot, you are learning the meaning for 78 different cards, when you add in reversed meanings, you're now looking at learning 156 different meanings for the tarot cards. This can be overwhelming.

Some readers prefer not to use reversed meanings claiming they are not needed to give a full reading. I have also heard that you may not need to use reversals if your intuition is strong enough and the cards are just the starting point for your intuition to really kick in. I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. Feels like it bashes people who read with reversals and says they're not as in touch with their intuition. But that's just my opinion.

Other people love reversals and say that they bring an entirely new layer to the tarot reading.

In the end the choice is yours whether or not you read with reversals. You are no less of a tarot reader with either decision.

I personally chose whether or not to read with reversals based on the deck and sometimes just how I feel that day. It's hit or miss. You don't have to commit to one way or the other.

Now that I've gotten all that out of the way here's some basics about tarot card reversals.

 What is a reversal?

A tarot card reversal is when the tarot card you pull comes out with the face up and upside down. 

Note: If you are working with a spread that uses a horizontal card that goes from left to right, you need to make a decision on which way (left or right) is up and which way is down, and stick to this decision so your guides or the Universe will know how to give you the cards.

What do they mean?

Each reversed tarot card has its own meaning. How you interpret the card is up to you and what you feel guided to. There are multiple ways to interpret a reversed tarot card, the way that you interpret the card is up to you and how it feels at that time. Most times, it’s a variation of the upright meaning like in the example below.

Example:  4 of Cups: Upright the 4 of Cups can mean that you are bored with things and that you don't want to look at what is being presented to you. You want to continue to sulk and feel bad. When reversed, the 4 of Cups can mean that you're bored with what you have or you have missed an opportunity that was presented to you.

What does a reversed tarot card mean

3 Ways to Read a Reversed Tarot Card

Internal Versus External Energy

Reversed cards can symbolize that you need to work on something within yourself. For example, if you get the Sun reversed it may mean that you need to work on learning to create your own happiness and stop relying on other people to tell you when you are happy and when you shouldn't be happy. When you are working on yourself, and bringing the focus inward, you are no longer focusing on the external energies that are acting upon you and affecting your choices and decisions. 


A reversed tarot card could mean that the energy of the card may be delayed in coming to you. For example, the 8 of wands shows that energies are quickly moving forward and passions may be moving along. But reversed this card may show that there is a delay in moving your passions forward and that you either need to give it some time, or there is something blocking these energies from getting to you. You may need to clear out these blocks before this speedy energy can get to you.

Opposite Meaning

When the card is reversed, it may mean that the energy is the opposite of the upright meaning. For example, the 7 of cups is showing you all of these lovely options from which you can choose from. These are all of the things that you want. When the card is reversed, it looks like all of these lovely things are falling out of the cups and falling away from you and you are chasing them, trying to grab them, before they're no longer in your reach. 

Going to the Extreme

A card in reverse can mean that the normal meaning of the card is put to the extreme. For example, the 5 of Swords can mean that there are people fighting you and you're feeling defensive. When reversed, this defensive feeling could be coming from no where, because the people fighting you are now above you, symbolizing that the fight is in your head.

Blocked Energy

The energy of the card may be being blocked by yourself or others when the card is reversed. There may be something that is just out of reach, and you could have a subconscious blockage that you need to work through before you can achieve or attain what it is that you want. Think money. With the Law of Attraction a common issue is that you don't believe that you deserve the wealth that you desire. this though pattern keeps you where you are, because deep down, you feel you have what you deserve, not what you desire. 

Moving Away From the Energy of the Card

When the card is reversed in a reading, it could mean that the normal energy of the card is moving away. You are leaving the period of time when your energy was in the state portrayed by the card, but now you are leaving that state and moving forward. For example, the 4 of Cups, shows that a person is bored and doesn't notice the cup being offered to them. When reversed, you may be coming out of a period of boredom and isolation, and just starting to notice the opportunities that are being offered to you.

How do I know Which Meaning to Use?

Good question. And one that i can't really answer for you. This is where your intuition comes into play in tarot reading. There are some cards that you " just know" mean something different than they typically mean.

A good way to see which reversed tarot card meaning to use, is to cycle through the meanings. You can use the acronym "bio-med" which stands for:

Moving Away

I hope that these ways to look at a reversed tarot card were helpful to you in your tarot journey and please remember that there is no "right way" to read a tarot card. There's only YOUR way. 

What does a tarot card reversal mean?


Cards Pulled  5 of Cups, 7 of Cups and the Page of Wands Reversed

The 5 of cups shows a person standing by the riverside staring down at 3 cups which have fallen over. Behind them, there are 2 cups still standing. A large house sits across the river, but all that it looked at are the fallen cups.

The cups represents the things that have gone wrong or are going wrong in your life. You have more things that have fallen over and gone wrong, than you have things that have gone right, or so it seems. You aren't looking around you at the landscape and seeing that you have a large house on the river, or that behind you there are still 2 cups that are full of everything that you wanted.

Yes, you may have less than you did when you started, but you still have some of it. Appreciate what you do have and stop focusing on what you don't have. The more you focus on the things that you don't have, the more you are going to be sad and depressed, kind of like the person in the card, who is hunched over and dressed in black.

If you are able to start looking behind you at the cups that you do have, you will notice that this opens up a wide world of things that you could have (7 of Cups). You begin to see all of these wonderful things that are ripe for the taking, you only have to reach for them. I like to call the 7 of Cups the Genie card, because like the Genie in Aladdin, the things that you wish for can come true.

When you take the time to stop looking at the negative and focus on the positive, the possibilities begin to open up to you and you are shown more options than you ever thought possible, but you have to be willing to turn around and look away from the drama of the negative that wants to hold your attention. The more attention that you give the negative things, the more attention they will demand.

You might be feeling like you don't want to look around (Page of Wands Rx), because it is harder to do than to keep focusing on what so obviously wants your attention (the negative). But this is just a temporary roadblock. And like everything in life we can relate back to Newton's laws of motion- an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest- unless an equal and opposite force acts upon them. The Page is giving you a bit of a hard time when you are trying to generate the opposite motion to look at the positive instead of the negative. But know that with time and perseverance, you will begin to see all of the possibilities that are available to you, if  you look for the positive.

Please share this with others if you feel it's something they need to hear!


Happy Monday Morning Everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend and are now ready to tackle the week. To help you do so, I have pulled some cards (as I typically do on a Monday morning) to help you get through the week.

This reading is for the general collective, so take what resonates and leave what doesn't.

Overall, the theme is a very earthy theme. We have a lot of pentacles throughout the week which are a very down to earth suit. So be ready for a lot of rationality and groundedness throughout the week. There is a little bit of fire, to give a boost of energy. There's not much emotionally going on this week, which is a good thing as the previous weeks have been VERY heavy on the emotions.

It looks like we are turning more into our bodies at this time. With the fear that seems to be going around due to the Corona virus (COVID-19), a lot of people are stocking up and making sure their health is in check. This really falls in line with the large number of earthy cards, because what is more earthy than our own bodies.

So let's get to it.

8 of Pentacles tarot Card

Monday: 8 of Pentacles

We are really putting some work in today. There may be a lot going on, but you have the motivation to really sit down and focus on what you are doing. There isn't much that is going to keep you from doing what you have on your to-do list today. And speaking of to-do lists... they're a great option for today. You have your work set out in front of you on the list, and as you go, you are able to see what you have checked off, which gives you the extra motivation to keep going. See if you can make your to-do list extra appealing when it's completed. Maybe use some pretty highlighter colors to make a nice pattern on the list, or if you keep a bullet journal, use that for your to do list today.

The Devil reversed tarot card

Tuesday: The Devil Reversed

Ahh, The Devil.. When he shows up, its' going to be a good day. especially when he shows up below you (like in the card). It looks like there may be something you are internally blocking that needs to be released. Some kind of vice, or addition. Something that you may have been working on, but seems to be coming to a head now. There is a choice to be made whether or not you will continue to put the effort into releasing, or if you will continue to keep your vice. This is a small bit of the fiery energy that I mentioned before. This fiery energy, even though it's reversed, may be giving you a bit of momentum towards releasing.

The knight of wands tarot card

Wednesday: Knight of Wands

This is a very fiery card. The Wands Suit itself is full of energy and passion. The Knights love to get things done, so having a ton of passion and drive behind that is a great thing. And that is what is showing up mid week. This energy will be the pushing force to help you get through the week. The Knight of Wands is more about doing than thinking, feeling, or planning. This is that "I'll figure it out as I go" mentality in action. And you will. Whatever you set your mind to, you will get done with vigor and excitement. But other may think you are jumping into things without thinking, but that could be just what you need to get unstuck.

nine of pentacles tarot card

Thursday: 9 of Pentacles

You have worked hard for what you have and you should spend some time appreciating everything that you have put into what you have. Practice some gratitude today. Look around you at the things in your home, and think about the time and effort it took to be able to acquire that thing. How much you had to work to have the money for it and even more, how much you had to work for a place to be able to put it. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate that effort that you have put in to get it. Give yourself a little pat on the back, but don't forget to keep going. The work is never over.

five of pentacles tarot card

Friday: 5 of Pentacles 

You may be feeling sick or down on your luck today. No matter how hard you try to push forward, you feel like you can't get a break. You're trying so hard and keeping your nose to the grind, but nothing seems to budge. Take moment and stop. Look around you. There are other people who are struggling too. If you put your head together, you will see that there are other ways to do things. There is help available, you just have to notice it and accept it.

This is also an interesting card for Friday because it is Friday the 13th, which has gotten a bad rap throughout the years and become one of those bad days that no one really knows why. After a short Google search, most people don't really know why it came to be other than the old concept that Fridays are unlucky and 13 is a very unlucky number. When you put those two together it's a double whammy. I don't particularly believe that a day or a number can be unlucky, but that you can create each and every day into the day that you want it to be as long as you are in the one in control of your moods and emotions. Don't let situations and other people influence how you feel. Live each day the way you want to.

the chariot major arcana tarot card

Saturday: The Chariot

It's the weekend and you may have some small travel planned. Things are starting to warm up ( in most places at least) and you may want to head out to some place with water or a day trip to the city/downtown. It's a day to get out and about. You will be successful in whatever you plan to do. You seem to be on a mission to get somethings done, and you will. Things are going according to plan. You have the knowledge and everything that you need, you're on the right path. The only thing slowing you down is time itself.
seven of pentacles reversed tarot card

Sunday: 7 of Pentacles Reversed

You're feeling a bit defeated over everything that you have done. Kind of like "what's the point in continuing?" The point in continuing is that in the end, even when you loose motivation, you have accomplished something that you have set out to accomplish. There is a concept that when you want to get back into the swing of things and renew your motivation, you start small, and I mean REAL small. And as you accomplish these small goals, the release of good stuff in your brain gives you the boost to make a bigger goal and accomplish that. It's a snowball effect. So no matter what you're trying to accomplish, even if you have lost motivation, do something small. So take that idea and keep going.

Don't let your own negative thoughts hold you back. And don't let being lazy hold you back either.

And while you are checking out how things are going, don't forget to check out the March 2020 reading!

I hope that these readings are able to provide some guidance and help to reduce your stress throughout the week.

Please let me know if there is a type of reading that you would like to see done weekly in the comments below.


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