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How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose with Tarot

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is here on Earth? Or wondered what you’re supposed to learn while you are here? Looking at your tarot birth cards can help you to figure out what your soul’s purpose is in this incarnation.

In tarot, you have multiple cards that represent you, called your birth cards or your soul cards which tells you more about your identity, your inner psyche and your journey in this life. Your birth cards can be broken down into 3 different cards, your Personality Card, your Soul Card, and your Shadow Card.

Your Personality Card tells you what you are here to learn in this lifetime.
The Soul Card tells you your soul purpose throughout all lifetimes.

Sometimes these cards can be the same card. That means that you are learning the lessons in this lifetime that you are meant to learn throughout your souls journey.

The third card that I think helps us understand who we are is our Shadow Card.

Our shadow card shows us the parts of ourselves that we fear, reject, or don’t see. It is sometimes called your Shadow Card. This is similar to a shadow card in a tarot reading, except this card is representative for you, based on your birth date, not just for the reading.

So how do you find these three cards and what do they mean?

I’m glad you asked.

I wrote a post years ago, about how to calculate your birth card. This process is the same process that we are going to use today, but we are going to stop at certain points and determine the different cards.

Check out the video below and follow along.

First, you need your birth date. Then you break it down. I chose 2 dates, one is my birth date and the other is a random date chosen after the year 2000 as from my previous post, these are years that people have the most trouble figuring out.

Continue to add the single digits until you receive a number that is less than 22.

The first number you receive that is less than 22 is your Personality Card.

If you can reduce again, do so until you receive a single digit number.

The single digit number you receive is your Soul Card.

If you received a single digit number after the first sum, like I did in Example #1, then your Personality and Soul Cards are the same.

Example #1

Month: 07

Day: 25

Year: 1989

Sum Total: 2021

Add the single Digits: 2+0+2+1= 5

Your Personality Card is 5.

Your Soul Card is 5.

Example # 2:

Month: 10

Day: 25

Year: 2009

Sum Total: 2044

Add the single Digits: 2+0+4+4= 10

Your Personality Card is 10.

Add to get a single digit: 1+0=1

Your Soul Card is 1.

Tarot Card Pattern

All tarot cards can be broken down into a single digit number (prime number). The Tarot Card Pattern is all of the cards that can be broken down into the same single digit. These card groups all share similar energies as shown in the table below.

How to Find Your Shadow Card

Finding your shadow card can be a little confusing, so below is a chart that includes your shadow card for each set of Personality and Soul Cards that you can have.  Your shadow card is one or two of the cards in your tarot pattern that does not match your Personality or Soul Card.

For example: If your Personality Card is 10 and your Soul Card is 1. There is one more card in a typical tarot deck that card break down to a single digit of one.. the Sun, Key 19 (1+9=10=1+0=1).

Personality + Soul CardShadow CardMinor CardsTarot Card PatternTheme 




10 & 19






(Sun, Wheel of Fortune, Magician)

Initiation and Manifestation




11 & 20





High Priestess

(Judgement, Justice, High Priestess)

Balance through Intuitive Awareness




12 & 21






(World, Hanged Man, Empress)

Creative Imagination and Viewpoints




13 & 22






(Fool, Death, Emperor)

Control through Transformation





(Temperance, Hierophant)

Pursuit of Knowledge through Teaching





(Devil, Lovers)

Choices and Addictions





(Tower, Chariot)

Mastery through Change





(Star, Strength)

Inspired Leadership





(Moon, Hermit)

Truth Seeking and Path Finding

Minor Arcana Cards

When you look at your personality card, your soul card, and your shadow card, you realize that all of the cards have a single digit in common.. that single prime number. That number can also relate to the minor arcana cards throughout the deck.

So in addition to the major arcana cards that tell you your personality and your soul purpose, you have the minor arcana cards which can tell you some of the challenges that you may face in your lifetime.

Take a look at each minor arcana card separately and see what it has to tell you.

The minor arcana cards will come into play more in future posts on this topic.

Final Exercise

Now that you have found all of the cards that tell you a little more about who you are, take them all out and lay them out in front of you.

Do you notice any patterns?

What card are you most drawn to?

Does the card mean something to you other the typical meaning?

Use these cards in your mediation practice to really get to know the cards and see what they’re trying to tell you.

This is the first post in a series I’ve named Finding Your Soul. Check out some of the other post’s in this series to help you find your soul’s purpose.

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How to Find Your Soul\'s Purpose with TarotHow to Find Your Soul\'s Purpose with Tarot


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