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How to Survive Taurus Season

Below is an overview of what your can expect in Taurus season, including a focus, things to avoid and other planetary movements of interest.

Every 30 days or so starting from the Spring Equinox, the sun moves into a different zodiac sign. As the sun moves, the energy changes and aligns with the qualities of the sign it’s in. These are energies that we can all feel, regardless of what our personal sun sign is.

What is Taurus Season?

Taurus season is when the sun moves into the sign of Taurus. Each year, the sun moves through all 12 zodiac signs starting with Aries around March 21 (Spring Equinox). While the sun is in each sign, we are all affected by the energies of the sign it’s in.

Key Phrase: “I have”
Keywords: persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual

Modality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Ruler: Venus
Season: Spring
Charge: Negative

2nd Sign of Zodiac
Metal: Copper
Stone: Emerald
Color: Green
Anatomy: Neck, throat

Focus for Taurus Season

The sun is moving out of fiery Aries and into stable and luxurious Taurus. It’s time to slow down and get into a routine of pleasure. (Yes, sex is included- but get your mind out of the gutter- jeez!)

With the start of Spring in March, you might have found yourself going, going, going… always finding something new to start. New ideas coming to life and getting started, but never really finishing anything.

Figure out which one of the projects that you started you are going to continue with and stick with it.

Taurus is a fixed sign and when the sun moves into this sign, we are looking at a time of putting in the work to get things done. You may feel like things are going a bit slow, but they’re moving forward at a steady pace that is totally maintainable.

The energy that you might have felt during Aries season may be turning into more of a relaxing energy. When you’re done with work, you might find yourself wanting to chill in the back yard more often than going out places.

The focus of Taurus season should be on creating a comfortable routine that makes you feel pampered.

In doing this, you will find yourself calming down a little bit and relaxing a bit more.

This is definitely good for your health. Don’t force what doesn’t feel right.

As the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, you might be feeling a lot more intuitive and you should listen to it.

But don’t skimp on the work. This is the season to put your head down and do the work. Get things done, tie up loose ends.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and is associated with beauty and luxury. So while you are relaxing and pampering yourself, make sure that you are focusing on the things that make you feel beautiful and pampered.

Things to Avoid in Taurus Season

Outburst of anger when you are interrupted. Don’t jump immediately to anger when someone interrupts you. Although you may seem calm and easy going on the outside right now, you may find yourself easily triggered when things don’t go according to plan.

Anxiety and stress about your routine. This can be from creating a routine if this isn’t your norm. These pesky buggers can also come about when your routine is interrupted, or even worse, unknown. Find ways to manage stress in a healthy way.

Becoming so stuck in your routine that you aren’t spontaneous. This is coming from personal experience here. When I find a routine I like that works for me, I have trouble veering away from it from even 15 minutes. Don’t let yourself get so focused on having a routine that you forget to live life with other people. Taurus energies may make you want to seclude yourself with your routine, but you need to use caution that you aren’t being too isolated.

Other Planets of Interest this Season


Planetary Movement

What it Means

Apr 19 

6:29 AM

Mercury enters Taurus

A time for concrete answers and slow decisions. 

Apr 19

4:33 PM

Sun enters Taurus

A focus on beauty, luxury, practicality, and comfort.

Apr 20

2:59 AM

First Quarter Moon in Leo

Working with Mercury, it's a time to make decisions and move forward.

Apr 23

7:49 AM

Mars enters Cancer

A time to do things that bring you and those close to you  comfort and nourshment.

Apr 26

11:31 PM

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Whatever you are afraid to face will be illuminated in front of you.

Apr 27

4:02 PM

Pluto Retrograde

Clarity on what is no longer working. Ability to release and transform.

May 3 3:50 PM

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

It's time to forgive yourself for the past and look towards the future.

May 3
10:49 PM

Mercury enters Gemini

You may be feeling scattered. Multitasking is taking over everything. Opinions may change by the minute.

May 8
10:01 PM

Venus enters Gemini

You might be feeling distracted from your relationships and not able to make them a priority.

May 11
3:00 PM

New Moon in Taurus

Where can you add more stability in your life? What can you do to feel more beauty?

May 13
6:36 PM

Jupiter enters Pisces

Working with others is your thing right now. You're feeling the need to help others.

May 19
3:12 PM

First Quarter Moon in Leo

You want to have fun and move forward with things, but beware of moving too quickly.

May 20
3:37 PM

Sun enters Gemini

You want to learn all the things and tend to leave things unfinished before moving on the next.

Stay tuned for other ways that you can embrace Taurus Season and live a cosmic lifestyle!


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