How to Find Your Moon and Rising Signs

Most people know what their sun sign is, but there is so much more to a person than their sun sign. Your sun sign tells you about your identity, but isn’t the entire picture.

Your rising sign is the face you put on in the world. It’s how other people see you, and your outward personality. Combine this with your sun sign, and you can have a better grasp on your personality that you show others.

You moon sign is the inner you. The one that only a few people really know. It’s your inner desires. You may be tough on the outside (sun and rising signs) but really be very sensitive.

To find your moon and rising sign, you can learn astrology and grab an ephemeris (big book of planet placements) OR you can use the technology that’s in your hand and find a free online birth/ natal chart website.

My favorite sites are:

Café Astrology


My favorite Apps are:


Time Passages

Astro Future

Once you have your chart, check out the tarot readings on my YouTube for your sun, moon and rising sign to see which one feels like the best fit.


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