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Book of Shadows Tarot Deck Unboxing

Mail’s here!

I feel like Blue in Blue’s Clues.. remember that show?

Got this awesome tarot kit, The Book of Shadows Tarot, in the mail the other day and wanted to share my first impressions and unboxing with you.

The Book of Shadows Tarot kit features two decks: As Above and So Below. It is a pagan centered kit which is great. I found that it was super inclusive when I went through all of the cards (yes, I do this on camera. So if you wanna see the decks, give it a watch!)

I also go through the guidebook in depth. Although it’s smaller than some other guidebooks that you get, it packs a heavy punch with all the information that’s in it.

If you’re looking for a great deal on some decks, this is it. 2 decks for the price of 1. 

Grab your copy here on amazon (affiliate)