Tarot Reading: March 18 - 19

Cards Pulled: The Moon, The King of Swords Reversed, The Hierophant Reversed

tarot reading with the cat tarot deck

You are attempting to create your own path but you are having anxiety over what other people are saying. This is leading to a loss of self control and motivation to keep going on your chosen path. The people who are commenting on your path are just jealous and making noise and drama because it is more exciting than the path they have chosen for themselves. Although it is causing you a bit of a slow down, it doesn't have to last. You will be able to follow your wishes and dreams on your own path even with them squawking at you.

The Reversed King says there will be some loss of self control, but I feel it will only be short lived. A temporary set back until you are on your chosen path again. Don't let them influence you too much, otherwise you may end up walking the path they choose and not the one you want.

And as a side note.. aren't this kitties just the cutest???

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