Weekend Tarot Reading: February 28- March 1

Weekend Tarot Reading Feb 28 Feb 29 and March 1

Cards Pulled: The Hermit, King of Pentacles and 5 of Wands Reversed

Take some time to think about the path that you are on. It may be a time to look inward and have some extra “me- time”. This time spent pondering should be done either alone, or with a person who has very stable, business savvy energy and knows a thing or two about success. Talking with this person will help you overcome the defensiveness that you feel when it comes to spending money on what you’re passionate about. Overcoming the blocks in this area of your life will really help you get back to what you are passionate about and help you do more of it. This brings us full circle back to the WeekAhead spread that I did on Monday that brought up something from our past that we are passionate about.

Although we have had some setbacks to getting back to doing something we enjoy, the idea has been planted and now, more than ever you are trying to figure out what you need to do to bring more fun and play into your life. Bringing back a hobby or passion from your childhood is a great way to do this.

But at the same time, we need to know when to ask for help and talk things out. This King of Pentacles person can really help you figure out some scheduling and time management to make things happen. Let them help you, and you will be happier for it.

These cards line up with the cards that I pulled earlier this week for the weekend in the Week Ahead reading (The Star, Hanged Man Reversed, and Magician Reversed). Each of these cards works perfectly with this current reading to enhance the weekend.

The Star on Friday adds a bit of inspiration to our thinking time. This inspiration can be to call someone to chat (maybe the King of Pentacles??) or it could even be inspiration on how to overcome your defensive pattern when it comes to getting this hobby started.

The Hanged Man Reversed plays off of this inspiration in that you now have soo many ideas going on in your head, you have to start doing something. Create an action plan. Figure out the steps that you need to take to make things happen.

Then The Magician, the man of the hour.. the first step. That scary first step now that you know how to overcome your defensive ideas and all the excuses why you shouldn’t do it. This energy will be the pushing force on Sunday that will give you a jump start to take out that action plan and get started on step 1 (or 2, or 3… ).

The energies are screaming that you need to figure things out and get moving. There are things in your way and use the people around you or your own inner savvy-ness to overcome the excuses that you may be making and just do it!

Weekend Tarot Reading Feb 28 Feb 29 and March 1

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