Start of the Week Tarot Reading- February 17 -18

Tarot Reading February 18

I hope everyone had a good  Valentine's Day weekend. Spending time with the ones that you love can be exciting, and at the same time it can lead to tough conversations, especially if the relationship is new. As we start off this new week, it looks like we are going to be dealing with come emotions that have surfaced as The Fool card was found in the Cups pile. The Cups represent emotions, relationships and psychic abilities.

Tarot Reading February 18

While I was shuffling, the Judgement card jumped out, so it was included in the reading.

Tarot Reading February 18

The cards for the start of the week are Judgement, 9 of Wands Reversed, and the 2 of Cups Reversed. A little rough after such a supposedly loving weekend. But it brings me back to my earlier statement about tough conversations.

While you are spending time with your loved one, new or old, something from the past may have come up. Something that you now have to deal with in order to move forward in the relationship. The 2 of Cups Rx suggests an infidelity in the past that you may not have known about. Or some other hidden truth in a past relationship. When you are asking about this situation, the other person seems to be on edge and really doesn't want to talk about it or address it. They just want to "leave it alone" and not acknowledge the things that have happened.

These feelings and situations, if left unaddressed can lead to larger problems down the road. Although it may not be pleasant, there may be things that need to be talked about in a civil manner. Yelling and screaming and getting emotional isn't going to help resolve it, it will only help to add to the festering that will occur.

Sit down with your loved one and have a conversation, listen to what they have to say and speak in turn. Don't interrupt them, and if you really have trouble containing your facial expressions, then maybe it's best not to look at them while they speak (not because you're being rude, but so that they can feel un-judged while they speak). Or maybe it's them who can't contain their facial expressions.. either way having a conversation that is a conversation and not a yelling match will help you resolve the emotions around the situation and leave you both feeling like your have gotten through something together, strengthening your bond.

I hope that this helps you get a start to your week. Even though it may not bring up the happiest of emotions, there are things that need to be worked through and not suppressed to have a happy life and a happy relationship.

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